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Issue: Call Drop Bug and Call Quality issues

Model Number : TA1046 Android Version: 8.1.0 Updated to May 2018 Security patch I bought the device in May 15 untill the latest security updates the device was working fine except the slight yellow tint under nav bar . But after the update lot of bugs plagued the device. I personally this has something to do with the Dual VoLTE update. They are 1) Calls and messages not received when phone is idle or in pocket or on table . Definitely not an isse with Network because was on same network before update but I didn't have any issue and also tested with other mobile People who call me tell they get the IVR "The number you have dialled is wrong" A mobile phone's basic purpose is to call people . It's really frustrating 2) Charging speed dropped not a fast charger anymore. 15mins usually it will charge to around 2- 46 47% but that's not the case anymore it charges 25% 3)When someone calls the caller id pop up which comes over Notification Bar is Blank with "Reject" and "Answer" Caller details are not displayed and it lags for few seconds when clicked over it 4) RAM MANAGEMENT is very poor . Even YouTube and Chrome reloads within minutes . I don't have games At least the basic apps should be managed Trusted Nokia and Android One . Disappointed with their support and service. If you face similar issues or any other issues please let Nokia know. When we report the bugs only the issues will be fixed. Nokia please fix it

I face none of the issues ,did you try a factory reset
My Nokia 7 Plus is the TA1055 but I've had none of these issues. In fact the RAM management seems to be excellent on my device. Call quality on mine has been excellent on par with my wife's Samsung S9 plus. I'd try and do a factory reset.
Yet to do a factory reset will wait for the June update hope it has fixes . After June update will try a factory reset . Then will take this 26k box to service center and then the rest is History ;(
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