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Repeated SD Card corruption

I am using nokia 5 , which was bought less then an year back. I had inserted the SD card in sim slot 2 , however after couple of months it got corrupted.. Now I have used 3 different SD cards and all have ended in same issue.. SD card corrupted... I dont know what is the issue here.. looking for response and resolution...

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What models / brands are you using?


What models / brands are you using?

I am using sandisk SD card. Firstly I had used class 10 ,secondly also class 10 and 3rd time i had used class 4. Model of phone is TA-1053

I used a SAMSUNG EVO class 1 for 2 months with no problems...

Now i USE a SanDisk Extreme PRO class 3 for 1 week with no problems...

There could be a hardware issue with your phone. I recommend you SWAP it if you can.

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