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Repeated SD Card corruption

I am using nokia 5 , which was bought less then an year back. I had inserted the SD card in sim slot 2 , however after couple of months it got corrupted.. Now I have used 3 different SD cards and all have ended in same issue.. SD card corrupted... I dont know what is the issue here.. looking for response and resolution...

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What models / brands are you using?


What models / brands are you using?

I am using sandisk SD card. Firstly I had used class 10 ,secondly also class 10 and 3rd time i had used class 4. Model of phone is TA-1053

I used a SAMSUNG EVO class 1 for 2 months with no problems...

Now i USE a SanDisk Extreme PRO class 3 for 1 week with no problems...

There could be a hardware issue with your phone. I recommend you SWAP it if you can.

Same thing happened with me recently. I was using SD card as my internal Storage. You were doing the same?

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I had Kingston SD card, 32gb inserted it was working ok until I turned off the device to put in a second SIM card, it got damaged, I couldn't fix it. I got a new one and formatted it into internal storage. When I rebooted my device it was crashed too. I don't understand

 Try a ful factory reset first just in case there's anything odd that has occured in the file system management in Android.

If it still stuffs your card up, get it replaced as suggested.

Repeated SD card corruption even faced by me. Recently I inserted Sandisk sd card which was working pretty good in the beginning. Then all the apps which were transferred to the SD card began crashing so I factory reset my phone after which my phone is not reading the SD card. This has happened earlier also. I am pretty sure that there is something wrong with Nokia 5 which corrupts all the SD cards.

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