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Call recording

How to enable call recording

Nokia is not handling system ui. Its handling by google. But call recording is important application and other companies like Xiaomi its already given manual call recording options. So why nokia is not giving options..

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You have to install a third party app. As far as I know, only app that actually works is ACR call recorder.

I know that! But i want in system call ui.
The reason this isn't built-in is due to call recording being illegal in certain countries, as already mentioned you'll need a their party app to do this.

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So why other company give call recording options in indian vairent. You have to choose country wise options in firmwere.
"So why other company give call recording options in indian vairent." The keywords in your post are "Indian Variant". AFAIK recording calls isn't illegal in India which is why the option is available. The Nokia 8 is available worldwide and HMD probably don't want to create a separate version for India.
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