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Video icon from camera app gone

Hi Laura, I bought my Nokia 8 two months ago and found it good. One week ago I let my cousin make a photo of our family and after that, I didn't know what happened with the video icon as it gone completely. I tried many times to put it back, but failed. At the moment, when I hit the camera App in order to use either camera or video, there was only camera icon to use, and no more icon of front or back camera to be chosen, neither the video icon. Could you help me with this problem, please! Thank you. Lien

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 Swipe to the left.

MrBelter, Thank for your help. I tried but failed completely.
Backup your data and reset your phone
Imchandu03, Thank you for your help. I'll try it.


Hi Lien, 

Sorry I just saw your post now. So just to make sure I understand it correctly, all icons (even switching from front to back camera) are gone or are you just talking about the video icon?


Best regards,

Dear Laura, At the moment, when I hit the camera button, there comes only photo icon and on its left side is the camera, on which, when I hit it, it will change from front to back camera and other functions involved to taking photos working well, but only the video icon is missing and I really don't know why. I do need this icon sometimes for my work. Thus, it would be nice if I could have it back again. Thank you for your attention. Kind regards, Lien


Hello Lien, 

Ok thanks for the clarification. The video icon got removed with the last camera update and is now activated with a swipe (just as MrBelter mentioned). I’ll try to take you through this. 

1. Open the camera app

2. Best is you put your finger in the middle of the screen and then just swipe left 

The app should switch to the video function now. If you want to turn back to photo mode just do the same and swipe right. In this youtube video >here< (at around 1.30)  they show you how to switch from video to photo mode. To switch back to video just swipe in the other direction. 

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you face issues :) 

Best regards, 


Hello Laura, Thank you. Yes, I've tried as you told me swipe to the left and I got this video icon back. MrBelter wrote me to do the same method but he didn't say that"in the middle of the screen." That's why I failed all the time. On the other hand, I didn't know that this camera app got an update, thus, I thought some things went wrong here. Now everything is back to normal and it's great that getting helps from you and our community, which I found very useful. Thank you all. Kind regards, Lien

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I have just tried it on mine and i can do it from anywhere, i don't have to be anywhere near the centre of the screen (which is probably why i didn't mention it).

MrBelter, After reading your comment few minutes ago, I have also tried mine as you did and it worked indeed, but not before. Please believe me, otherwise, I wouldn't ask for help. Thank you. Kind regards, Lien

Hey no worries my friend, we're all here to help one and other.


Hi Lien, 

great to hear that it is working now :) 

Best regards, 


Dear Lien

Thanks so much for posting this queston here. I went through the entire log and got the solution for my problem , I was facing for last one month. Thanks to you and Laura too for giving the right solution.



Dear M.V., You are welcomed. Regards, Lien
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