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Roaming data issues

Anyone else had problems with data roaming within the EU, with their Nokia 5?

My data connection works fine in Ireland, where I live. But whenever I take it to another EU country, most apps act like they're offline when I try to use them. Chrome gives me ERR_CONNECTION_RESET whenever I try to load a webpage. Maps can't load any tiles. Talon doesn't load any new tweets.

At exactly the same time, other apps, like Facebook Messenger, work okay, although messages take a couple of minutes to show up as "delivered". During a recent trip to Spain, I could see that in fact several MB of data was used in the background by all the usual applications, yet they never work when I need them to.

Roaming is enabled, data saver is off, I have a good signal, and plenty of data credit. When I tried my SIM in a different phone on a different network, everything worked fine.

I spoke to my mobile operator and they just said there must be something wrong with my phone, and I should let them swap it for a new one. I hate that idea, mainly because copying absolutely everything from one Android phone to another is a pain in the rear and usually takes me a day or two (especially sorting out my PocketCasts played/unplayed episodes, as the sync function never does that properly). It's certainly not a task I'd entrust to the guy or girl in any phone shop.

Anyone know anything else to check/try?

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