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Android Auto with recent KIA models?

Hi there! Has anybody been able to set up the connection of your Nokia 5 with your KIA brand car's head unit? I don' mean bluetooth connectivity (that works just fine), but Android Auto - I want to see my Waze / Google Maps on the car's screen.

Google says, that TA-1053 (Nokia 5) is not compatible, so I can't download the the AA app, because 'it's not compatible". When I connect my phone to the car with USB cable, it immediately recognizes, that AA wants to start. icon is in the top left corner, and I get a notification to set up AA - which doesn't work. Kia head unit throws an error message, that something's wrong with the connectivity.

So my question is - has anybody been able to set up a working Android Auto connection? What was necessary to set it up?


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