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Nokia 808 returns!....

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Hi all,

Just browsing the forum today I saw something and my heart skipped a beat:


"See all 808 topics"!

Well, I made a mistake in this case, but I wonder if this is a good omen... ;)

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Tech Wizard

I sure hope Nokia 808 returns :)

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I have a 808 Pureview and use it all the time. I did have a Lumia 950 and then the Nokia 8. Got rid of them both. ( didn't like the Android one, they want to know too much about you.) I tried sending email to Nokia (wouldn't send) and tried using chat (no button to "send")   I have a small problem with my 808; best camera STILL; the slide switch on the right hand side (lock switch) shed plastic and then went very stiff. I can't find a part , have checked all supposed stockists. I have ben putting a few drops of Silicone spray in, which seems to work but I would like to get the part. I have a local technician that told me he can fit the part if I get it. 

In my case the 808 never went away as nobody has come up with a better one. Regards ,Richard.

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