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Several questions concerning Nokia 6.1 (Equalizer, Wifi, Fingerprint sensor, Camera, Dolby)

  • equalizer doesn't work with third party apps it  was working well with Nokia 6-2017 (Dolby Audio)
  • Does nokia support dualband wifi if yes then  why 5ghz wifi is not getting connected
  • Fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly most  of the times
  • Camera with Zeiss  optics - I don't understand where  the problem lies in hardware or software please solve it 
  • why cant nokia bring back dolby audio in Nokia  6.1if it is justa software

Comment by moderator: I deleted your other topics and summarised them in one topic to keep the forum clearer. 

- Installed Music Player - MP3 Payer. Works perfect, including equalizer.
- Both 2.4 and 5 Ghz working.

- Fingerprint words perfect. For accessing phone, bank apps and password   manager
- No probs with foto/camera

TA-1068 Here

As MaxH stated, fingerprint works fine for accessing phone and for unlocking secured apps (e.g., Enpass)

WiFi 2.4/5 both work fine

Camera is a little underwhelming

Haven't found an equalizer... phone speaker could be louder (sound seems to come only from bottom speaker)

I have similar issues with sound. I found apps to boost music, but nothing to boost the sound when I'm watching Netflix or Amazon prime. Can we bring Dolby back?? I had this on my last phone a Lenovo k4 and I never needed a booster app for any sound. Not sure why it was not out in for Nokia 6.1. perhaps a patch or in the next update you can include Dolby. Otherwise I will most likely change out the phone to a different company that has Dolby. Sound is very important to me as well as full HD. Thanks.
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