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Solve my problem n I don't like to use your products

On 3rd may I got Nokia 6.1 product which I ordered from Nokia online site it's has 10 days return policy which is mentioned on that website with that product I face problem then it was replaced after so long process n to many requests to customer service on 22 may which I return in 10 days but they told me we have replaced policy not return so I was trapped there and I was spend 16999₹ so it's big cost for me. So on that information I got replacement product on Jun 5th wich has again issue n which is unpacked so now they again starting process n saying to much reason which is irritating to me and disturbing my personal life . Now I won't like to use that product I need my money back because i still have so many persons problem due to Nokia 6.1
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Hello ,sorry about the experience ,,the Nokia fons are great only issue is software still being optimised be patient it will be stable soon ,,I also use a Nokia 6.1 despite the may 2018 update short comings I still think it's a great device poised for great user experience with subsequent software updates coming for now sorry about it ,it will some times get better ,,try factory reset on if u have the may update it may help the device performance abit ,,though battery life will still be much drained faster compared to Nokia 6 2017 which at this point has a more stable optimised version of it's os
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