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IMEI already in use

Hello there, I recently bought the Nokia 7 Plus and wanted to sign up for the developer preview, but it says the IMEI is already in use. I did bought this from phone someone else, but the person did not respond on my reply about being signed up with this phone. Just want to know if there is a way to unlink the IMEI and link it to my account (with showing proof of course).

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I also have same issue but its customer staff is not responding or gives ambiguous answers

 While not an exact solution, here's what you can do while waiting for Nokia Mobile to fix this.

  1. Download the update file from XDA (it must be linked somehwere). It is the same for all regions.
  2. Flash it onto your Nokia 7 plus via ADB as you would normally do.

I can mirror the update file for you if you are interested.

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