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Certainly not 2 days battery

The battery back up is pretty average.. Maximum u can get a battery level of 1 day.. if u r a heavy social media user.. the day time SOT varies from 4 to 5 hrs on mobile data with single sim.. before it was 5 to 6 hrs.. after may patch.. Nokia screwed it up.. this is bizzare.. so huge battery drain on mobile data.. i mean Nokia are u guys serious in retaining ur customers?

 i get over 7 hours of screen on time

If you drain the battery in one day from 100% to 0% then you likely have a problem unless you are gaming on it all day or if something is hogging data, which is likely you.

I recommend you to be more self aware of your actions, like realizing when you are doing nothing useful for yourself nor your environment. For example scrolling through all the facebook shitposts all day or non stop chatting about something that's meaningless.

If you literally can't stop looking at your phone 24/7 and don't even want to then get a battery bank.

Well i am getting a good battery backup from my device, i am pretty much on wifi 24x7 though.


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