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Push notifications don't work after Pro Camera Update

Hello Nokia team,

since I got the Pro Camera update (00WW_4_88B) on my TA-1004 push notifications do not work anylonger.

At least these apps were able to show push notifications before Pro camera update and now do not show push notifications anylonger until I manually open the app:

- Pushover

- ING-DiBa (banking app which receives push notifications for every new transaction)

- FolderSync (does not run sync jobs in background anylonger)

- Tiles (added a custom quick setting which does not start the desired action anylonger until I open Tiles app manually)

- Lieferungen (PlayStore: de.orrs.deliveries)

Maybe there are more apps which are affected but I did not notice until now.

Already tried to disable ("not optimized") battery optimization for above apps, but it did not help.

Background activity manager is completely disabled.

I am completely sure, that all of above mentioned apps worked fine before Pro camera update and I did not change anything else on my TA-1004 except the Pro camera update.

Please help!

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Got a hint from user "203" in another thread that backgroound activity control behavior changed with Pro Camera Update. Currently trying to enable background activity control and put one app to the blacklist. Will observe if it helps...

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Verified behaviour for a couple of days. Apps get killed and you miss app notifications although Background Activity Manager is completely turned OFF. Workaround: Turn Background Activity Manager ON and disable all apps except at least one app. Now all my apps are again able to survive in background.

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