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Bought Nokia 7 Plus 23 days back and today, I've observed a line on the display which is hardly visible. Took the phone to the service centre and they told me to change the display. It is very bad user experience with Nokia.

I am expecting the replacement.

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and what does it cost to change the display of nokia 7 plus?

The company replaced it free of cost but when I received my phone with a lot of scratch from the service centre.

nice but I want to know the cost they told you to replace display?

They have not talked about the Price.

I faced same issue after 2 months My phone is still in service center... They told me it's took 15 to 20 days for replacing display

When you will get back your phone then the quality of the camera is not the same as the new one.

Who knows brother... !! It's so bad experience... Depends on service center how they take care our device when they replacing display and all other parts... I will raise complain in consumer forum if I will not satisfie... How many days they took for your device?

For me, 18 days with a lot of scratches on the back cover and camera lens.

Why quality of camera is not same?? Bcz of that scratches on camera glass or something else???
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