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Hi my name is Karthik I have Nokia 6.1 ta_1043 Shi's have tavern the fast charging how to enable

Tech Wizard

Hello Karthik, Nokia 6.1 comes with fast charger in the box. And the fast charging is enabled by default on the phone. You just have to use the original charger that came in the box when you bought the phone and the phone will fast charge automatically. Thank you.

Sir but my mobile get 50% charge more 40 minutes what I do

Tech Wizard

Hello, yes the device is advertised to charge the phone 50% in 30 minutes but the charging depends on various factors. If you use your phone while charging it might charge much slower and if different apps are running in the background then the phone will charge slowly. So 50% of charge in 40 minutes is normal. Thank you.

Thank you sir Nokia 6.1 when get face unlock

Tech Wizard

Hello, I really don't know when the proper face unlock feature will be implemented in Nokia 6.1. Sorry, but lets hope Nokia listens to the user demands. Thank you.

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