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Nokia 8 Sirocco LTE-advanced indication

Hi, I been using Nokia 8 Sirocco for a month, but I notice that it will always show 4G connection instead of 4G+ although my carrier support LTE-advanced carrier aggregation. 

I was told that Nokia phones will only indicate 4G even though it could be on a LTE-advanced connection. Will HMD or anybody be able to this, whether Nokia phones, ie Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco only will indicate "4G" and not "4G+" on the data connection indicator?

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Tech Wizard

Carrier aggregation is the mobile data bandwidth.
LTE Advanced is about 4G and WiFi voice calling (and more).

The connectivity status icons on the phone vary per mobile operator.

I suggest refer to your mobile operator/carrier if the voice call quality or data bandwidth does not meet your expectations? They can also advice whether the phone is able to use all features on their LTE network.

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Unfortunately, my carrier is unable to advise why i am unable to connect to LTE-advanced (4G+) on my Nokia 8 Sirocco. I am able to do it with my tablet which is from another manufacturer. My carrier is using band 3 and 7, which is 100% supported by Nokia 8 Sirocco. The only reason that I can think of is that Nokia 8 Sirocco is not sold by my carrier/country thus for some reasons, is not configured for carrier aggregation to work... 

My Nokia 8 (not Sirocco) shows both "4G" and "4G+", but it depends on the SIM. With another SIM it shows "LTE" instead of "4G".

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Hi AlexKay, thanks for your update. If you don't mind, may i know which country you are residing in and on which mobile network that you receive 4G+ connection? Thank you and (probably all O2/Telefonica MVNOs) in Germany show "4G+" on my Nokia 8 (not Sirocco). With "+" only when data is transferred, without "+" when idle.

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thanks AlexKay

Hi, not sure any HMD personnel or tech experts can point me to the correct direction. My Nokia 8 Sirocco was bought from Hong Kong and I am using it on a Singapore network right now. I am unable to achieve 4G+ connection, the most I can connect to was just a 4G connection. After some troubleshooting by my service provider on their backend. They advise that I should go back to Nokia/HMD which regards to why i am unable to connect to 4G+ on my network, although the phone support Band 3 and Band 7 that my service provider is using. Can HMD advice how I can connect to 4G+ on my home network? Thank you

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