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Nokia 6 sound problems

Hello people! I have my Nokia 6 for quite some good time, and I seriously love it! But i have one problem that really annoys me... Since the oreo update, when someone is ringing me or I receive a message, the sound is not powerful, like it is supposed to do. The only solution to this is to disable dolby atmos, but I want to keep that option enabled. My mother has the same model as mine and has the exact same problem. The sound isn't loud only when ringing or receiving messages. Can you help me with this? Are the devs working on this? Thanks!

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Seriously, no one to answer my problem?


Hello Adrian5420, 

Sorry to hear your facing some sound issues. Did you already try to contact the technical support about this? They might have a solution for this. 

Best regards, 


I already found out the solution, and that solution is to turn of dolby atmos in settings. I want to ask you... Will this problem be solved in the future? I want to keep dolby atmos on, but I can't because of this problem.


Hi Adrian5420, 

I checked with our dev. team. The issue is known and will be addressed in future updates. Unfortunately, I can't tell you an exact timeline but they are working on this. 

I hope this helps you. 

Best regards, 


Alright, this is what I wanted to hear. Thank you for the information. Have a nice day!
Hello Adrian5420, This issue wont be able to solve since this bug is already known to Nokia for almost 2-3 months back , and repeatedly they are replying the same answer to all users what you had received. Many of the users due to this problem changed their Mobile...or else one solution do try to keep it the andriod version 8.0 which didn't create an sound issue.
It's either disabling dolby atmos or reverting to android 8.0, true. Hopefully they'll fix it back to normal.
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