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Firmware update failure - screen just flashes!

So the 4.88 update reached my phone so I let it reboot to install, and it seems to have failed, it got stuck showing the "NOKIA" boot screen, with the brightness of the screen flashing brighter and dimmer forever, I left it for 30mins before deciding it was stuck and then pressed Vol Down + Power to switch it off.

Now when I switch it on it does exactly the same - it reaches the NOKIA screen, flashes the brightness, and goes no further.

My phone is useless in this state. What can I do? :(

Nokia support online asked me to do a soft reset (Press and Hold Power button + Volume up button at the same time until you see Android logo) but that didn't work so I have to send the phone away to be fixed via

Obviously I'm not happy about this at all - this is yet another sign (on top of the Camera Pro disaster) that HMD/Nokia is not performing sufficient testing of its firmware/software releases, and I'm now a casualty of it, with no phone until it's fixed.

Well, it's not just me, I found

Which led me to

But none of that works for me, I'm still going to have to send my phone in for repair.

I'm absolutely livid - in 6+ years of periodic Samsung firmware updates I've never had this happen to me, so it happening to me after only 1 month of owning a Nokia 8 is incredibly frustrating and disappointing, there's no excuse for HMD Global Nokia publishing such catastrophically buggy firmware updates, clearly there's a serious & fundamental quality control problem here, which is very concerning indeed.

Had the same. Helped factory reset. You have to get to Recovery mode:

1. Power off your Nokia 8
2. Hold Vol+ down (and continue to hold it down)
3. Plug in a USB cable from your PC into the phone, after a few seconds "Powered by Android Appears" and several seconds later the image of the green android robot appears on screen. You can now let go Vol+ 
4. Next hold the power button down and while doing so press Vol+

And chose factory reset.

I came across a few other nokia 8 pro camera update threads and posted the 4.88B is bricking devices. Please dont update your phone.

So yesterday I packaged up the phone, attached the DHL label that I'd printed from the email that Nokia support sent me so that I can post the bricked phone to them (in Hungary) and took it to a DHL drop-off point, only to find that the Waybill number was invalid and their system asked for a DHL customer number that I don't have, so I got back in contact with Nokia support and they said they'd have to get back to me. I'm still waiting and my phone is still sitting in its package waiting to be dispatched.

Also thanks @who85 but that's in the second link I posted above and it doesn't work for me, nothing will summon Recovery Mode, alas, it's THAT bricked!

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