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June 2018 update

Nokia 7+ is a android one device but the updates are slow I think when will we get June update all Nokia phones except 7+

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I think we will get it soon

Updates are received approximately in the mid of the month i.e. 15th or 16th.

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It's getting late because I suppose, we will get some functionality updates also - face unlock, earphone bug fix, and various other bug fixes, along with the June security patch.

I got security update for June 2018 which mention "Update Google Security Patch 2018-06" (87.4 MB).

My country is India.

I got it also, same 87.5Mb, in Singapore. Such a small package, unlikely to have anything new other than the security patches..

yup i too got the update but only 87mb what about the issues dont know what nokia is upto

No any changes...its only security update. No major changes! No previous bug are fixed
Not given face unlock. No any system update. Why Nokia are very slow in updates .
Netherlands, Just recieved the security update june, 87,4 mb
Google camera not working on June security update (Arnova, cstark27, nothing)! Good phone but sh.. software. And previous bugs not fixed. Thank you nokia!

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Just installed the June update, now getting "Power Saver has stopped" popups constantly, rendering the phone nearly useless.

Nokia give monthly updates but this updates are useless. In this updates not improvements. Bugs are always present in every updates. This bugs are very annoying. Nokia please wake up and do for something for your lovers...
It is not normal that with every update we have more and more bugs.
I got update,(87mb) but no difference m from India
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