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Poor service by nokia

My return was approved on 21 May. Still i don't get my replacement. when i call customer care each time i got only one answer that, wait for 2 days more. now 24 days gone. #poor service by Nokia. It was my biggest mistake that i choose #Nokia Please update the exact status of my mobile, as I am chasing since long but no any proper revert from your side. Is it service of firm like NOKIA..?? (I don’t think so…as it seems service from local shop) Revert and exact update for my mobile phone on urgent bases, otherwise I will rush at consumer forum. This is last and final mail/warning from my side

I had the misfortune of going to Nokia Service center, Sahara Mall, Gurgaon , Haryana , India.   to every other Nokia user the time being given was 10-15 days. The Reason ..Parts are not available and hence this delay. 

Nokia thinks that people can live without their phone for 15 days ? or Expects its customers' to always buy 2 .. one for using as standby while  one is under repair !!!

Sad to hear but i had the same experience with many other companies too, all mobile companies seems to follows same trends more or less, fault is in there distribution system, all spare parts of phone usually arrive only at main hub at selected big cities like Bangalore, Chennai, hyderabad etc. so if you are far away from these cities repair usually delays a lot due to delivery services. Companies should always keep spares in stock at service centres.
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