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phone dead after software patch update 2018


I have received a security update in June 2018 and I tried to update usually and after it rebooted showed me an error - "Your phone has ever been rooted, this may result in system instability, malware or spyware or privacy information leakage". I visited service center in Visakhapatnam, AP with the name of Bright Infocom. They first mentioned it was liquid damaged. I wondered why but as they are imposing it is liquid damage I said ok.  After that they informed me it was problem with charging port and needs to replaced. I wondered again why it should be with charging port when the error came in software. They charged me Rs. 1500 INR to change the charging port. I hope Nokia Support will help me in this issue of customer service center ignorance and false information. I have trust in Nokia. I can send over jobsheet and the error screen photograph of the phone if required.
Please do the needful.

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