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Vodafone VOLTE is not working but Jio VOLTE is working

I have tried everything but Vodafone volte is not working but Jio VOLTE is working superb If Vodafone volte will work then it will show LTE option but it is not showing. And Vodafone said Nokia 6.1 do not support Volte Is there any solution team hmd

I suppose below link help you with data to speak with vodafone guys since i made similar request then they said they will work in backend to enable the feature in phone which they did and its somewhat in testing phase hence they said will improve the support in coming days.

the above link clearly says super VOLTE is supported in NEW NOKIA 6 and  please check with region your in for the vodafone VOLTE to enable the same.

Yes ofcourse. Vodafone VoLTE will not work in Nokia 6.1 because of the band issue. The Vodafone has higher band compared to Jio. Many people have commented they are not able to make calls using Jio SIM in Nokia 6.1. I tried making phone calls it works. The only issue I noticed is it is not displaying VOLTE but it displays LTE. Try resetting the SIM , Try resetting your phone and the Network in the Nokia.
I did mail to nodal officer of Vodafone. She contacted me and refreshed my network settings so now both Vodafone VOLTE and Jio VOLTE are working fine
Airtel VOLTE also not working

 Airtel and Vodafone Volte not working. Please enable it

Telstra VoWifi was broken by the last update. One of the reasons bought the phone. While I really like the phone, if the next update doesn't fix VoWifi the phone will be returned. The dealer I purchased the phone I made it 100% clear was buying because of having VoWifi.
Hi, can you tell me how to enable jio volte in nokia 6.1. i am having a problem as same as it is only shoeing lte and calls are not working. Please someone help!!!
Jio,Airtel,Vodafone all VOLTE Working. Vodafone does not shows LTE icon but when i do call to My Brother i.e.Nokia2 Vodafone SIM then Phone Call Displays HD Call.Airtel and Jio Shows LTE icon when VOLTE is On.
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