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Face unlock vs Trusted Face feature

I have purchase new Nokia 7 plus at 31 may in India but in India version no any face unlock feature but same phone of China version have the face unlock feature . When I try to ask to Nokia chat then I got a reply by Nokia . Go to settings>security and location>smart lock and select trusted face and this is a face unlock feature for you . But in China version Face unlock feature is a different option in security and location menu why not this feature in India version why ????? We are also buy this phone by Nokia this is not fair #Nokia is cheating me please solve this problem in upcoming update because trusted face unlock feature is slow then face unlock feature ok

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The Android ROM used in China is not the same as the global ROM. Nokia Mobile uses stock Android in phones for global markets.

So, a number of software enhancements that you see in the China variant do not exist in the global variant. Nokia never promised to give you what is found on the China variant. They only advertised the features that you presently see on your phone.

I hope this changes and Nokia starts offering functionality enhancements to the global variants. However, that's a never-ending debate.
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