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Patch june oreo in android P

being in the beta of android P ah jumped the patch of June of oreo, installing full ROM of oreo in android P !!! ah corrupted the system having to restore! little shit from Nokia!

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Same problem.
Same problem.

Same problem.? is very disappointed 

Hi All,

I also got this update (about 1.3GB) a while back. However, after downloading, I did not restart the phone which I guess means the update was not applied. How do I make sure to remove this so that I can wait for the proper OTA? I don't want to go through the pain of applying a corrupted update and restoring everything all over again!

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Yeah, after the June security update it reverted to Oreo and I get a pop up for "" stopping, which I am guessing isn't a very good thing.

I tried reapplying the Beta update package, but it failed cause the June Released version is apparently higher than the Beta so sideloading will fail and there's no way to force it. At this point factory reset is likely not going to result in you with a working phone, I will try applying the manual roll-back but I am guessing that's gonna fail as well because of the wrong version numbers.

I also have this issue. The june security update let my phone freeze at the boot up (nokia logo). However I wanted to revert back to oreo anyways - now this is not possible anymore because of the timestamp:
"E:Update package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestamp ..."

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I tried applying the rollback build they provide you on the developer page but as expected it didn't work because of the timestamp.

Since I don't have any personal information that I don't have a local copy or cloud save of I factory reset the phone and it worked, I am back on Oreo. I don't know if it's possible to install the P Beta though, but I am not planning on as long they release the version 2 or come up with a fix for this issue.

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Same problem here, I'll do a factory reset but I'm quite bummed by this.

Would love to have an official info about what happened with this update.

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Same here, freezed on the logo !!! factory reset worked back to OREO

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Me too..from Vietnam..use factory reset to back oreo 8.1..lost some documents..Nokia plz tell me why
Thinking to be updated to Android developer preview 3 ( Android 9 ) but critical error...huhu tell me why

Me too.

Well. Can't apply the original P image, nor can I apply the one provided in the Manual roll-back.

When you use a developer preview, you definitely expect problems and stuff falling apart. Even the phone completely stopping to work, fine.

What you don't expect is that accepting an OTA Update will just wreck everything.

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Can't use the last Android P OTA to fix the issue.

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