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Patch june oreo in android P

being in the beta of android P ah jumped the patch of June of oreo, installing full ROM of oreo in android P !!! ah corrupted the system having to restore! little shit from Nokia!

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bad coverage does not have that on that side I do not worry, and we do not complain about the version of Android P, but because it has skipped the June OTA being in the beta program.
What do you mean by it has skipped June ota being in the program ?

After this roll back pixel 2 camera app is also not working in my 7 plus,is anybody got this error and how to solve this any suggestions 

Still nothing new? :(

Why is Laura not replying ?

You can download a Android P preview build that installs again that has a newer timestamp:

BUILD 00WW_3_08B

Update - Thank you for your interest in the Android P beta developer programme on Nokia 7 plus. New Android P - DP2 (V3.08B) and rollback Oreo (V2.13B) images are now available for sideload.

Not have Clear All button on android 9 in Nokia 7 plus

Any updates here? Anyone able to move to DP3 or any version of android P after the downgrade?

still no ota update for nokia 7 plus running android p:(@laura
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