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App "power saving mode" stop working after todays update


app "power saving mode" stop working and message show immediately after unlock over all apps. Message still shows up and I can not working -

What can I do for remove this message or how I can with update back to previous?

Sorry for my english ;)

Thanks Radek

I have same problem after June update

In case you know to use adb, this can be fixed by

adb shell pm clear com.evenwell.powersaving.g3

which clears the powersaver database. Another way is a full factory reset, but it has obvious downsides :)

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thanks, but it did not help

By power saving mode, do you guys mean the inbuilt battery saver which turns the screen red above and below part????

I do not know how it looks on an english phone. On my czech phone looks like this -

 Radku, napsal jsem na Nokia Care, reagují, chtěli doplňující informace, teď čekám na odpověď, jak vyřešit problém. Ozvu se


Hard reset does the trick, phone working and has June padge in. It´s the hard way but what can I do....

Just talked with the support via the chat and the resolution was to do a hard reset. 

This is unbelievable that this is the second security update since April and both of them had problems. The May update has some problems regarding mobile data connectivity but that has been resolved with me. I think somebody are still having problems with that. 

To me, clearing the data via adb fixed the problem.

on second attempt via adb it worked, thanks for help

just complete the update.somehow i'm not facing this issue.. battery saver working fine , background activity manager also working.. all my blacklisted app is still there.. no stopped working pop up yet.. but google cam stopped working :(

Same problem here. Incomprehensible! AndroidOne should fix this quickly - phone is useless now.

Seems that this is a beta test group now..

Nokia care wrote to me to do hard restart. Did it and now OK

i have to confirm, right after june release i have too this problem (with phone set to Czech) and:

adb shell pm clear com.evenwell.powersaving.g3

sure fix this problem for me, popup error hide (and not already show) immediately after run this... not need reboot, not need wipe

btw: i write about it (also with link where i find this info) here:

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