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Google cam not working after June update

It saying camera has stopped. If anyone have working one please share it here

yes gcam stopped working after june security patch..it shows camera stopped working message...man it sucks...):
Yes gcam not working after June security update
Yes mine too..
There should be face unlock option rather than trusted face app..HMD also tries to improve camera quality both front and rear camera.

people on posted  MGC_5.2.022_FINAL_1.0 version working on june update

download link -  https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=746163614322262450

..to enable portrait mode go to settings -> B-S-G MOD settings -> Model -> change to New Style (Pixels)

btw slow Motion crashes the app

Same here

 Yes it is not working. the viewfinder in picture mode is turning out to be black in normal camera mode. But the MCG version is working. Tried.

Yes same happened here. Google camera app not working after june update.plzz help at earliest.
Try the MCG 5.2.022 something named version. I have that one working. Just set the settings up a little and the gcam is working fine. Try and tell. If any other alternate do inform me also.
Hi Rocking Will you please be able to provide the link to download APK.
But there is no potrait mode option in MCG 5.2.022 version

@Technicaltech to enable portrait mode go to settings -> B-S-G MOD settings -> Model -> change to New Style (Pixels)

btw slow Motion crashes the app

@Kas totally agree with you. Check his earlier comment for the link. There is 1 more working version but not tested yet. But the future for gcam is very dark. As from a quote from a nokia community forum, google security updates will make these kinds of mods to not work. Also maybe substrantum may also get closed

saw that news on xda yesterday..don't know if it's gonna effect gcam..cuz the restriction is on the OMS service..which is use to install overlays and themes. which we do with substratum.as someone from google says "The patch restricts the installation of overlays to pre-installed or system-signed apps".. basically it restrict the installation of overlays by any third party apps.. so it's gonna effect the rootless theme installation(which can be done by andromeda add-on for substratum).. 

XDA post: https://www.xda-developers.com/rootless-custom-themes-android-p/

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