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Worst Customer care support

NOKIA customer care service is the WORST after sales service / support which I had ever seen with compare to all other brands.

I purchased Nokia phone because I started using mobile phone with nokia and for next 10 years till smartphone came to market I used only Nokia phones

I was very excited to have Nokia smartphone and trusted NOKIA brand but after unboxing found hardware fault and initiated refund / replacement request. Now 1 month has been passed but I did not get my phone to use Neither Nokia is providing replacement Nor refunding my money.

Nokia support team is completely useless and cheaters making false promises to customer over the phone and rushing for call closure and Nokia Email support do not respond emails.

Tech Wizard

For reference, please:

Which phone model and variant (TA-????), what hardware defect, and where in the world are you?

The options and proper procedures vary by country or area, and by local law and tradition.

Also please note 'grey import' phones are not covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty outside the country or area where it is officially sold.

In Europe any defects or warranty claims is to be reported at the point of sale - not directly to the manufacturer or the manufacturer's support affiliates.


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After 3 mobile phone changes from my Nokia 3 within the 3 months of receiving (upgrading) after giving Nokia another go after a few years of hassle previously. 

Thinking they they had improved over the years, boy!! was I wrong, come on Nokia, what are you doing, there has been loads of issues and in the end had to get another mobile phone, the phone shop thought I was joking going in every other week to change it, but they agreed that there was an issue 

So sadly, its adios Nokia, I did try and come back to you after a few years for you to improve, didn't work out


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Community Hero

Thanks for sharing your experiences, it's sad to hear that you had such bad luck.

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