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Dead phone...and then resurrected

I bought the 6.1 about a month ago.  Phone worked for 4 days and I went to bed with the phone at about 50% charge.  I woke up the next morning with the phone dead.  I thought it was strange that it would discharge all 50% overnight but okay, I'll plug it in and see if there is an app causing the problem, etc.  The phone though would not charge and remained dead.  Contacted Nokia Support and went through all the steps to revive phone.  Nothing worked.  Advised to return phone to vendor.  I left it plugged in to see if it would charge. But the phone didn't show any signs it was charging at all (stone cold, no heat, nothing to indicate it was charging).  No amount of pressing the power button alone and with the volume buttons would power up the phone.

I returned the phone and when I contacted the vendor about the return status, they told they needed me to disable all security measures.  I told them I couldn't because the phone was dead.  They told me they charged it and it powered up perfectly.  I did try charge it via a power strip that worked (it powers the TV and everything attached with it).  

I know sometimes we do dopey things with technology but this one...I'm stumped with this mystery.

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It's happened again.  Exactly in the same way.  Used the phone late at night.  Went to bed.  Woke up and realized my phone hadn't made the usual notification noises--reached out to my phone with dread.  Yep, cold stone dead.  Cannot start it with power button or with button and volume buttons.  Started charging it but the phone is still unresponsive and showing no sign it's charging anyway.

I know there's a massive random restart thread, but my problem seems to happen overnight?  As if the phone isn't used for awhile and then it goes dead.  

Bought a Samsung S3--worked for 6 years, it still works actually.  The only problem has being the phone growing old and the battery doesn't last.  Otherwise, never had any problems with it.  I've had this Nokia for about a month and it's gone completely unresponsive twice now.

I guess Nokia no longer cares to participate in its support forums...

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Following up on this Nokia customer service experiment.

I sent the phone to Nokia Repair last week.  The phone was promptly returned to me which was concerning--did they really fix it?  And of course their response was that they found "no fault" with the phone.  So that was a huge waste of time.  Nokia's advice was to run the phone in Safe Mode and ensure the phone is updated with latest firmware and security patches.  Okay, so I should use my new phone in Safe Mode indefinitely until if and when the random problem pops up again.  And the update advice--well, Nokia, that's not on me is it?  You send out the updates and I'll install them.

Reading my first two posts, I realize I didn't include some details that I discovered after writing those posts.

To summarize:

1) Phone shut off twice overnight and would not respond at all.  

2) Wait for 4-5 days or so, plug in phone and it powered up normally.

3) This happened after 4 days after purchasing phone.  It happened again after 9 days of use.

4) Sent phone to Nokia after I waited 4 days and again the phone powered up normally.  Sent a letter explaining everything.

5) Nokia returns phone without any repair because they found no fault with it.

I guess Nokia considers a phone that shuts off randomly and waiting 4-5 days for it start up as perfectly normal.  

I now have zero expectations of any help from Nokia in this forum.  I'm posting to 1) document my issue to see if anyone else can help 2) help others who may have this very particular problem and 3) help others who may be considering a Nokia 6.1. 

I regret not returning the phone for a refund when I had the chance.

My S3 is so old there was no point in selling it so I kept it as my backup (and Roku remote control).  And thank god for that because I have had to use it far more than I have used the Nokia.  Six year old phone--slow and battery is on its last legs, but still far reliable than the 2 month old Nokia. Should have stuck with Samsung.

Nokia's advice is to use the phone in Safe Mode.  Okay, I understand a bad app can shut a phone down, but how does software then prevent the phone from charging and turning on for 4 or 5 days?

same here, i bought it about a month ago,and this morning it suddenly can't be charged. Tried everything still not react just like a black cold brick.

If you have a backup phone, you can see if waiting 3-5 days will result in the Nokia being able to take a charge and powering up.  I sent the phone to Nokia and they said there was nothing wrong with the phone's hardware and therefore it must be a software issue.  Their only suggestion was to run the phone in safe mode. I still can't understand how software delays a phone from restarting immediately and only after 3-5 days.  And since this problem happens not on daily basis but randomly over days/weeks, I don't want to run my phone on safe mode that long of a period.  I'm half hoping the problem was tied to the May update...Are you on the June update?   If so, that's bad news for me.

The first time it happened was after 4 days.  The second was after 9 days.  I got the phone back from Nokia 7 days I'm half expecting the phone to go dead any day now.  Hate having to think this way after purchasing a new phone.  

This answer is related to Nokia 3 but it caters the same problem as you are facing and will help you figure out the problem.

Sure enough, less than 24 hours after I posted that last message, my phone shut off and is refusing to power up.  Worse is that this time it happened while I was out.  So this time the phone lasted 8 days before dying again.  This is the third time.  I'm not even going to bother to contact Nokia about it as they won't be of much help.  Just going to wait 3-4 days and I'm pretty sure it'll power up at that point.  I'm going to call my credit card company and see if they help me with refunding the phone.

Nokia says it's a software issue.  Today IIRC, I used email, calendar, Chrome, Wechat and Google Music (music stored on a external card). So if it's software, then it's one of those unless it's something running in the background.

I faced the same problem. Within a month of a purchase, My phone was dead overnight. It was not booting up. I submitted my phone to customer care.

Nokia care says it's a hardware issue and they will take around a month to fix it. It sucks. Worst customer service, I  have ever seen. 

I  also like to bring to your notice that I was informed by your nokia service technicians that my mobile mother board has gone bad and will have to  be replaced, which I straight away denied and  told that I am not ready to replace the part and I want it to replace with a new phone and they said that they have communicated the same with nokia india  and there are awaiting for the reply.  I wish to bring to your notice that  I have purchased on 21.05-2018  which has not even crossed 45 days ( I gave it to repair on 05-07-18) how come a mother board goes  bad in such a short time  and I have never excepted this cheap parts from nokia . I believe Nokia is know for its durability and I still believes in it atleast up to now. This is my primary mobile and almost ten days have gone and I have already requested them to  provide me a temporary replacement which has not be provided. 


Thanks for the tip.  I'll try it the next time the phone goes dead and there will be a next time...My phone took a charge and booted up a day later after the last shutdown.  So at least it didn't take 3 or more days this time...

For the last two posters, interesting Nokia told you it was a hardware problem.  They told me they checked my phone and that the hardware was fine and that I needed to find the software issue.

This is Nokia's answer for a phone that only works for a few days, shuts off and then only boots back up after a day or more:

What I would suggest you is keep the device updated and check for new updates as the Security Patch updates in order to get the new one and see if the issue would be found. 

That's it, that's the solution.  Live with a phone that randomly shuts down and that you can't use for a day or three as you wait for it to charge and boot up.  Hope the new updates will fix the problem.  By the way, who is responsible for providing these updates?  And this problem has happened on the May and June updates. 

Nokia: Buy our phones--they're good for a few days each month.  What more do you need?  Priceless.

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