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Dead phone...and then resurrected

I bought the 6.1 about a month ago.  Phone worked for 4 days and I went to bed with the phone at about 50% charge.  I woke up the next morning with the phone dead.  I thought it was strange that it would discharge all 50% overnight but okay, I'll plug it in and see if there is an app causing the problem, etc.  The phone though would not charge and remained dead.  Contacted Nokia Support and went through all the steps to revive phone.  Nothing worked.  Advised to return phone to vendor.  I left it plugged in to see if it would charge. But the phone didn't show any signs it was charging at all (stone cold, no heat, nothing to indicate it was charging).  No amount of pressing the power button alone and with the volume buttons would power up the phone.

I returned the phone and when I contacted the vendor about the return status, they told they needed me to disable all security measures.  I told them I couldn't because the phone was dead.  They told me they charged it and it powered up perfectly.  I did try charge it via a power strip that worked (it powers the TV and everything attached with it).  

I know sometimes we do dopey things with technology but this one...I'm stumped with this mystery.

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