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Dead phone...and then resurrected

I bought the 6.1 about a month ago.  Phone worked for 4 days and I went to bed with the phone at about 50% charge.  I woke up the next morning with the phone dead.  I thought it was strange that it would discharge all 50% overnight but okay, I'll plug it in and see if there is an app causing the problem, etc.  The phone though would not charge and remained dead.  Contacted Nokia Support and went through all the steps to revive phone.  Nothing worked.  Advised to return phone to vendor.  I left it plugged in to see if it would charge. But the phone didn't show any signs it was charging at all (stone cold, no heat, nothing to indicate it was charging).  No amount of pressing the power button alone and with the volume buttons would power up the phone.

I returned the phone and when I contacted the vendor about the return status, they told they needed me to disable all security measures.  I told them I couldn't because the phone was dead.  They told me they charged it and it powered up perfectly.  I did try charge it via a power strip that worked (it powers the TV and everything attached with it).  

I know sometimes we do dopey things with technology but this one...I'm stumped with this mystery.

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I read elsewhere on the net that 4g could havd something to do with it. And that setting it for 3g eliminated it.... Sorry I have lost the link! I have read through most of the thread.

Yes, I posted that the last advice Nokia gave me was to turn off location and turn data down to 3G.  That's when I took the sim card out and started using my very old, geriatric phone.  Slow as heck but still works...for now.  And it's true for about 9 days, the Nokia didn't shut down while on WIFI only and no location.  But no location and 3G means it's useless to me.  If Nokia had advertised those features, I would have never bought the phone.

So has our phone restarted?  I charge it on and off over a couple of days.  Usually after 24 hours, merely using the power button starts the phone.  And it's all normal.  Nothing happens to the phone as far as I can tell.  The last time it happened, it wouldn't restart with just the power button, but it did with power plus volume button down. 

And yes, of course, when it shuts down initially, I tried all the different way to power it up (power, power with volume up, power with volume down, etc).  None of it worked except for time.  I just waited a day or two.

Yes, that's what basically happened this morning as well. I couldn't boot to safe mode. It was a dead duck. I might try see how it goes with this spark nz sim in. About 30mins after I inserted it, it started up okay and no further problems yet. Ive got a while to return it yet, so I'll see what happens and use my old phone for now. I'll keep you posted on how I go.
It shut down again. So wasn't the sim. It was displaying a strange message on the screen after a restart. I got back to Nokia again, told them about the message. They said take it back and get it exchanged.
FYI it said this - "the dm-verity is not started in restart mode, wait three seconds before proceeding" with white screen background and Android one logo.
Regarding to error "dm-verify", I read that this problem is connected to firmware problems, especially when using a custom ROM or using a firmware not compatible with that model. Maybe HMD is confusing releasing updates, and release updates bricking the phones with a firmware not compatible with a specific model? Here are some link about this issue (it refers to other brands, but seems the same thins as Nokia:

I exchanged the phone with another at Nokia's request. The replacement hasn't had any problems as of yet. But it has only been 24 hrs. In saying that the other phone had shut down and wouldn't restart twice in that time frame.

Another thing: why HMD doesn't have on the websites the original ROM and a software to recovery if necessary?

Shutdown #5 for me this Sunday.  Two days into an international trip. I had inserted a local sim card only about 24 hours before the shutdown.  I have no idea if that had anything to do with the sim card.  Neither does Nokia which of course explains why they have yet to offer a solution to fix the phone.  Hey, it's only been 3 months since I told them about the first shutdown.  Guess I can't really expect to fix the issue after only 3 months.  

Don't know what's worse--the phone or Nokia Mobile Care.  After this shutdown, I wrote Nokia and their advice was to use the phone in Safe Mode.  Yeah, Nokia, the problem has gone on for so long and without you actually fixing it that you've already forgotten that you gave me this hot tip already.  And that I told you I tried it and the phone still shut down.  

Think I have a new record.  Phone shut down 2 Sundays ago and only started up today--so that makes it 8 days it was unuseable.  Thankfully, Nokia tells me there's nothing wrong with the phone.  I'm still unsure how Nokia expects their users to live with a phone that take 8 day long naps.  To be fair I did give up trying to reboot the phone on day 5 or so.  Perhaps it could have booted up on day 6 and 7 but I didn't try on those days.  On a whim today, I plugged the phone in the morning and what do you starts simply with a push to the power button.  This after no combo of button pushing worked on the first five days.

Can anyone figure out this phone?  

Omg I bought nokia 8 and same thing happened to me while charging it first time battery numbers going up and down I thought the charger is faulty but next day when I woke up my phone died I went to nokia care and there they checked my phone in all possible ways but didn't find any fault and replaced it with new one.

You're lucky you have a local site you could take to show your dead phone.  I can't in the US.  Each time I've sent the phone back to Nokia, it's after the phone woke up and so they would tell me there's nothing wrong with it.  Per my last post, it did nap for 8 days the last time it shut down--but I was traveling internationally so I couldn't send the phone.

In any case, I fixed the problem.

I bought a new phone and no, it wasn't a Nokia.

And safe to say, it will never be a Nokia ever again.

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