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Should I buy a Nokia 8 sirocco.

Dear all, I am planning to buy a new flagship level phone. Is Nokia 8 sirocco a descent buy? Here it cost about 550USD. Galaxy s8 also cost the same. How is the audio and camera quality of Nokia 8 sirocco. I couldn't find any descent reviews on youtube

Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1514619665383 for 550 USD I would say it's a decent buy especially if you are comparing it with a Galaxy S8. If you don't like tons of bloatware and would like to have faster security updates and OS updates then you will love it. In fact I have already received the June Security update on my Nokia 8 Sirocco. You won't be satisfied with the front camera if you love to take ton of selfies. The rear cameras are decent enough but the low light photography is not to the point. However, if you love to tweak around bunch of setting while taking a photo you will love the camera since Nokia has given a pretty handy pro mode in its camera. The audio quality is pretty loud and clear but there's a high chance that you will cover the speaker while gaming or consuming media since it is at the bottom of the phone. However, the audio quality is pretty good. Hope I answered all your questions. Thank you.

Nokia 8 Sirocco is very good phone from Nokia. Best Part of the Phone is design, camera, and build quality.

It costs about ₹50,000 And has only single sim If your budget is low then try the S8 or buy a OnePlus 6......#Sirrocoseemsold
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