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Worst june update.... More bugs...

Update supposed to fix some bugs n issue but the june security updates brings more bug to our device... 1. gcam not working.... focus no locking focus quickly as before

Gcam not working is a bug?when did it become an official app for camera on Nokia 7 plus ,all the gcams available are mods not originally available for any phone other than pixel
sameermehta2087 first of all gcam mods are available for all devices the reason it's not working on our phones is because Nokia has broken some functionality vital for the gcam to work

on xda Arnova8g2 says there's an update in camera2 api..  so maybe that's what broke gcam. B-S-G gcam mod still works though. Also the camera2 api test now displays front cam pixelarraysize = 4624x3472 nokia is trying to fix that  4mp front cam bug also 

Gcam doesn't work now because camera2 api has been wiped from the build prop after june OTA update. Also the image processing and iso control on the default camera app is terrible. HMD global should fix this for us users to take decent photos. With gcam i used to take such great photos and now even phones under ₹15000 outshine nokia 7 plus's camera.
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