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Nokia 7 plus

Volte not working after June security update

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We're you running develpor preveiw 2 ? When you got June security update?

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yes ..iam also got that same issue from yesterday in my Nokia 7 plus
You got rolled back to Oreo right ?
plz any one give me the solution
yes.. amaze
All the crazy stuff happened and Nokia is no where near to be reply no nothing
what can i do now sir
There's nothing to do man people here said they tried roll back but it failed because this is the latest update. We can't do anything until Nokia release the next update
after the next OTA update it will work or not sir
after the next OTA update it will work or not sir
After the next ota update everything should be fixed just as of now there's nothing to do

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sir do you have any idea about next OTA update when it will come
No idea but Laura the modulator just replied to me that they're dropping the update as soon as they can
Sir who are that person's