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Delay in Service

I have been using Nokia phone for last 10-11 years and my first phone being Nokia have also given sentimental touch to it. I even preferred Nokia with its windows phone. So after years of absence when it came back in market with its android phone, I jumped to buy Nokia 6 through flash sale. It went very smooth, I was enjoying the phone but  A month ago display of my handset started showing lines on it. I submitted my Nokia phone to service center at Star communication, Vikas marg and after a month I still don't have any hope of getting it back. Neither the service center nor the customer support provided me satisfactory answer of such delay and exactly when I will get back my phone. It's so depressing and unpromising. A month and still there is no chance of getting back my Nokia. Being attached to this brand, Nokia, I always want Nokia to expand its share in market. But with this service how can I recommend anyone to buy Nokia phone? Because people are excited seeing Nokia back in market and I have came across many people who ask me about the experience with the new Nokia. With what I am experiencing now chances are very bleak that I will have anything positive to say.

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