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I have a better idea than notch for increase the screen area for the apps

OK R&D team like I said in the headline I have a way better solution for the more screen trend than the notch. For me the notch is a useless thing that the manufacturers using as an alternative for better but a little bit expensive or hard innovations. You are using it because you don't want to be looking like that they don't follow the trends. However what you are missing is there's a way better and innovative solution for this more screen area problem and funny thing is you already have the means of providing this. Those who used the Nokia sleeping screen and glance screen will remember how we were able to check out the notifications by simply hovering our hands in front of the light sensor while glance screen is closed (phone closes it after a certain period of time, 3 minutes for example) The front sensor is always active it doesn't needs too much power, you used this in the past to activate the glance screen, right now you can use it for show the status bar; it's very simple, just hide the status bar and add an option to show it with a simple hand move in front of the phone or even better add a second hand move option to open the notification window. No notch, no distraction no bad design. Easy-to-use simple and way way better than the notch. I was enjoying the use of the hovering move to check out the glance screen and would love to use such a good feature. With this you can both follow the latest trends and be yourself at the same time. It just needs some software work. I'm looking forward to seeing it with your next model.

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This is a really good suggestion, definitely worth HMD considering.

However, I don't think it replaces the reason for the notch. The notch is there because it houses hardware like the front camera, light sensor, etc whilst allowing the screen to stretch as far to the top of the phone as possible.

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