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June 2018 security update

no june 2018 security update for nokia 8 nokia has launched the update to all the nokia line up except nokia 8 when we will get the update

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Relax. It's barely been a few _days_. It'll come probably in a few days. Just like every monthly update.

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Maybe they are fixing the bugs of pro camera app and security patch will come with fixes.

Every month i see these kind of threads.

They'll release it this month, they've always did it within the same month.

If they don't release it before 01/07/2018 then you have a reason to post a thread asking about the security patch.

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My wife's Moto G5 Plus is now a year old and that is still on Android 7.0 (which it was released with) and the December security patch, now that's quality service lol

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