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NFC can't be used for banking after update to Oreo 8.1.0

I'm using TA-1053 from Indonesia region. After the 8.0 and 8.1, My Nokia 5 NFC cannot be used for banking applications (such as checking and top up balance the Prepaid Card via NFC). It cannot detect my prepaid card that being placed on the back of the phone. Although the NFC do works for Android Beam purposes. Is the Oreo update break the NFC? Even after June 2018 update, it did not fix the problem. Do you have this question as well?

I would love to help, but i never used NFC for banking purposes :\

Have you contacted tech support? (it a rolling dice, but give it a try)

Exactly the same problem. There is no solution, no support from company representatives. Have you tried rolling back to 7.1.1? Some users write that on 7.1.1 everything worked, but with the update on the Oreo stopped.

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