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Need Ambient Display on Nokia 8

The glance screen on Nokia 8 is just not as good as Nokia 7 Plus's stock Ambient Display

Can Nokia add Ambient Display on Nokia 8 too?

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Maybe Nokia's staff will notice this request

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Many threads about this.. but i highly agree.

Or they could just make glance more functional, but until then we should have ambient display, it's part of AOSP after all.

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Please Nokia Team, we need those, because the lack of proper notification on the Off screen makes the phone not reliable!! Thank you very much

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Ambient display is basically Glance but I think it just needs beefing up with extra options to add notifications from other apps, different layouts and the ability to add weather conditions including pollen count.

Terminusaquo, as discussed in another post ;-), Glance could be improved, but many of us find it useful to actually see the contents of the notifications, as if we were seeing them on the lock screen, but dimmed and black & white, displayed for a few seconds. This is what is called Ambient Display on other phones (afaik). 

user1529662512515 As I mentioned in another post, Motorola have Moto Display and Samsung have Always-On which are their own versions of Ambient Display, Nokia have Glance which is their own version. There is no need for stock Ambient Display on Nokia devices.

Just upgraded to a Nokia 8 from a Nexus 6. I never thought Ambient Display is what I would miss the most. I just don't see why N8 would have Glance display since it has an LCD panel and you have to turn Glance off anyway if you want decent battery life. In which case, if the phone is set to silent or in noisy environments the screen only wakes up on calls and there is no way of knowing you're getting a text, email...

Please Nokia Team, allow us to use Ambient Display.As Lennart already mentioned, it's part of AOSP so almost no work for you to implement. 

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@AtaSmrk You don't need to turn Glance off, I get over a day out of my Nokia 8 with Glance enabled and Ambient Display shows less information than Glance does, Time, Date and notifications are all that Ambient Display shows. All HMD need to do is give Glance more options, we don't NEED Ambient Display because Glance IS Ambient Display just like Moto-Display on Motorola devices and Always-On on Samsung devices.

I think it's better to say (for those who agree):"we want the full notification contents on the off screen", call it glance or ambient display as you wish. Right ?

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