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June security update

 A moderator mentioned on a thread about random restarts that the June update was out. Has anyone received it?

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She said the same about update 3 days ago ,hmd is lying about the update,koz it takes less than an hour every time an update is pushed for us to get it,but when she lies Nd people praiser her with thanks instead of asking where the update is ,do you think hmd will care??she only even responded koz someone abused her ,else she would talk about it,I mean they said Nokia 7 plus started receiving updates it took me 4 hours to get it on my Nokia 7 ,,they said 3 days ago about June security updates for Nokia 6.1 am still waiting on their lies,me I would rather they just say no update till this or such a such date ,we stop asking them or reacting ,,that's what civilised people do ,but if we don't ask for it ,it will be hard to get it especially when people act in the forum like it's a favour to get updates Nd fixes ,,that's your right you bought a fon that under contractual agreement ,hmd global Nd Google ought to update it without fail ,if anyone took this two companies to court you would win the case without any fail ,,it's their own terms and conditions that will compel them to loose the case ,

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So people in these forums stop b#+£#ng around ,and for once just demand your rights whether it's harshly or by constant reminder ,hmd global should know it's not a favour ,,they ought to fix this updates esap,under contractual agreement for android one program it shudnt take more than two weeks for any updates from alphabet Inc after they have released a new software updates or incremental updates or security patch to their Google pixel Linea up ,for android one devices to receive the same updates, security patch or incremental software or firmware updates,but here we have a case of hmd milking out users in the name of android one to get higher paying rates but doesn't act responsibly ,very unethical,Nd they expect people to lick their p*#£? In order to get updates ,that sucks hmd!! great company with very bad customer services ,,trust me hmd global will dies soon same to Samsung budget segment ,,see what's happening to Sony ?after Ericson left them?or Samsung after entry of oppo Nd Xiaomi?this devices when they perfect their software update strategies ,and value for budget fons with features ,it will be another third time another brand company fails Nokia name ,people paid 280 euros for the fon due to up to date promises Nd secure fons which is never possible but nevertheless they paid ,but hmd is screwing with that buy offering bad software updates Nd doing no s&#&+ about it

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