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RE: Nokia-3 Auto-Updates (Apps)

Hi folks,

I recently replaced my Nokia Lumia 735 with a Nokia-3 model.

I do not want any of the apps to auto-update (in fact I don't ever want them to update unless I manually permit it). I though I had disabled this feature but it seems Google Apps are updating every other day.  The apps which update (photos, camera, maps, duo, etc) are not even apps that I use, or even want! If I could, I would uninstall them all.  As far as I am concerned they are just evasive bloatware.

In any event, I would be grateful if someone might help me fully disable the unwanted updates.

Many thanks in advance as always.

Paul (UK)

If you don't use an app or want to disable them you can go to settings> apps & notifications> app info and then tap on the app you want to disable and then click on disable. You can also first uninstall their updates and then disable them so they do not take up unnecessary space. Unfortunately you cannot uninstall pre-installed Google apps at this time...

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Hi Emaz,

Thanks a lot.

A open 'settings' but the 'apps' & 'notifications' are two different options (ie. not listed as > apps & notifications> ). 'Apps' & 'notifications' lie under 'DEVICE'.



Why do my replies not show?  This happens all of the time.  I have to then spend another 10 x minutes retyping it all out again!

Yah it's kind of annoying for me too! I've reported this bug to the community moderator, Laura and she is saying that she is annoyed by this bug too! Lol...

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Hi Emaz,

I gave you a full reply and it's still not even showing!


I'm sorry to hear that... But unfortunately I will not be able to help you if I don't get that reply! :(

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I just typed it all out AGAIN for you and it's not showing!!!!!  I can't believe it!  Cheers.

There's nothing I can do about this! :(

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Hi Emaz,

I'll keep this very short just in case it does not post again.

"> apps & notifications>" are two separate categories.  I mean, they are listed as two separate items, both under the heading of 'device'.



This really is quite ridiculous now!  That's THREE TIMES I have submitted my post, and it fails to display!

I feel sorry about that, brother! But there's nothing I can do... :(

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Emaz Anwar,

This is obviously through no fault of your own, so there is no need for apologies. 

Obviously the construction behind this website leaves a lot to be desired.  I can say, quite honestly, that I have never experienced such a consistent malfunction (on a forum) ever before.


Yes u r right, Paul! Our replies contain no sluggish words but still this forum refuses to post the reply... I'm also a member of Microsoft Community since 2015 and I have never faced such issue till date...

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Okay so this forum finally posted your reply! As u r saying that apps & notifications are two different options I consider that u r still on Android nougat while the steps I'm telling are for Android Oreo...

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