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VoLTE not working after June patch

VoLTE is not working on the latest security update of June month. Please fix it Nokia as soon as possible.

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Yah, i'm using jio and facing the same issue, i'm not able to make and receive calls on my jio number after june patch update.

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Even VoLTE in my device is not working after june update. Earlier it was working on both the sim. Now its not at all working.

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Yes i dont have volte after june you make me sad... I cannot connect with others... Its bad..

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So here is what I gathered. With the new update patch, the VOLTE works for Vodafone but is broken for JIO. HMD - we are all looking at you to make life normal for us, again... 

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Jio and Vodafone volte both working Maharashtra circle ,after June patch android 8.1

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I am also facing the same issue with Jio sim in India.

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I am also facing problem volte not working after June update

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Hello Sameer, I am also belongs to Maharashtra circle (Pune) using Idea and Jio but after jun update jio volte stopped working. Did you anything specific after update? Just thinking out of box: it will work only if vodafone sim preset along with jio??? I have a another vodafone sim i will try with it.

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@chirag,no i did not do anything special ,infact oy Jio is also working fine for me,I had Airtel card and it was working fine too with and without Jio ,as is Vodafone

For us its now working whatever we do @sameermehtra2087, I'm even traveling now and tested many states network CG, MH, AP and TN no-where it worked.


I am facing same problem, Jio VolTE is not working.

Surprisingly no resolution from Nokia yet , may I expect some solution on this???
Nokia @ team please support and help to resolve this issue . It is urgent.


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 Yes, it is really surprising that there is no reply from Nokia, when many people are suffering from the basic calling feature . This is very bad from Nokia, Regretting for buying Nokia 7 plus. They lost my trust finally. Never refer a nokia mobile to anyone. Hmd Global also made Nokia Dead.

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Same here!!! I ask jio customer care with no answer. So i insert the sim in another phone, the sim works fine, inser back to Nokia 7 plus no call!!! cannot even recieve calls!!!! Dear HMD kindly resolve the issue.

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I think, Nokia is not listening to us. 

However friends you can use Jio sim in your Nokia phone through Jio 4g voice calling app. 

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