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VoLTE not working after June patch

VoLTE is not working on the latest security update of June month. Please fix it Nokia as soon as possible.

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Yes frds my volte also stated working suddenly

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My VoLTE also started working now. I am not sure about how it started to work but its working fine now.

is this happening only for people who have tried using a vodafone sim once?

Hey its working... Awesome... 

 Nope i see that my carrier sxervices is still at 13.0.200 and last update was on 14 jun 2018.

Any help is appreciated guys.

 Also can you guys please post the screenshots, i dont know whats wrong i have done everything, reset, sim switch, carrier cache clearance, still i am unable to get it to work. i am facing a lot of issue since i cannot use my phone for UPI verification.

My VoLTE worked well after june update and few days ago just stopped working by itself?!
Hi Guys , Is it really advisable to install the June patch now ?. I installed the patch then volte stopped working. Looks like now they have fixed. Please confirm is it ok or better not to update now.

sadly they don't bother the community or customers directly, says a lot

Nokia 6 dont work 4g lte after update

 Yup After opening the website on my phone. The VoLTE networks are totally missing how can I fix it

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