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Social media apps problem with Nokia 7plus

I'm facing a problem with Nokia 7plus, apps like WhatsApp and instgram don't work properly and seemed to have no Internet connection while youtube or playstore or chrome connected to the internet and can download anything, i have another devices and they all working fine on the same network, how whatsapp or instgram or Twitter disconnect from network and I can't upload any pic or change my status although the phone is connected to the internet and other apps working fine! , I can't understand this, any solution plz

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I have same problem Twitter & sonyliv ..........& Some time other social apps

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Similar problem...getting a replacement phone didn't help. It doesn't happen on all wifi networks. Currently working around the problem using a VPN but I really shouldn't have to.

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Thats strange.. no issues with any apps except native google app which crashes occasionally.., you should clear data, clear cache.. uninstall and restart.. again install and try.. 

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Me either, I m Korean living in Vietnam, but on 7 plus, Korean messenger Kakaotalk and Korean bank apps are not working Especially, the pictures cannot be sent through messenger apps
This will sound idoitic, but found solution to this problem today and that too few hours ago. Believe it or not, only change your wifi router. At the moment, i have asked the internet provider company to give me another wifi router, which they did, and it worked for me. Hope this helps.
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