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Beauty with Brains required

FM Radio not working since 1st day of purchase from Amazon India ..... 1) Although Nokia support guys suggested several ways to make it run but still Nokia 6.1 2018 not able to handshake with FM signals whereas my other cheaper brands handset able to play FM Radio excellently. Was expecting a robust Software or hardware to do this little part..... 2) Gets extremely heated up but as per support guys says upto 48 degree Centigrade Celcius is normal.... At one time your support guys assured that Android coming up with upgrade of FM to resolve but still pending.... Can anyone provide an amicable solution to this fast please.....
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My FM works but quality is atrocious compared to my Nokia 2. Both phones are at the same location, tried three different headsets/headphones, the Nokia 2 beats my new Nokia 6.1 in sound quality.
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