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Music quality through 3.5mm jack

The music quality through 3.5mm jack is really poor. The sound lacks depth. It feels hollow and lacks bass. I am using a pretty good soundmagic e10c earphones but still the sound is poor. Every qualcomm powered device comes with a great DAC but seems like you haven't given any preference to optimise it at all. Please optimise the sound quality through the 3.5mm jack.

Me too getting sound via headphone is very flat. Needs to improve the sound quality via headphone.
Yes I am too facing the same issue . My only relaxation is listening music or you tube now it is also not possible after buying this brand new Nokia 6.1 plus . Please suggest some other options to overcome this problem.
As you can see ,the Nokia 7 Plus suffers a lot from audio output...if you chech the review by GSMarena...they say the same thing...they say as follows: The Nokia 7 Plus didn't cover itself in fame in the first part of our audio quality test. Its abnormally high intermodulation distortion and poor signal-to-noise ratio mean you won't be enjoying the best quality when you hook it up to an active external amplifier. Volume was nicely high, but not enough to offset the quality issues. Headphones fixed both outstanding issues, but caused a few of their own - the stereo crosstalk rose a moderate amount and a tiny bit of intermodulation distortion crept in, while the loudness went from high to just above average. All in all a decent performance with headphones, but hardly one fit to please the most demanding audiophiles. I hope HMD would listen to this and fix the audio issues on Nolia 7 Plus
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