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Facing Problem after updating to June 1 security patch

After Updating My Device to June 1 2018 security patch, while receiving call on device its just ringing but no call screen, even when my device is locked when my device receive call its just ringing but display light is still off and no call screen when i unlock to see who is calling, but theirs no call screen just simply home screen. Please fix this issue as soon as possible

Hi! You may want to contact Nokia support with this issue as I don't think that we can help you with this on the forums. On your Nokia phone, just open the Support app and click Support chat in it - I am sure that they will help you ;-)
Hard reset or clean your device using app "Files Go which has authorised by Google llc

Tech Wizard

After a restart of the phone, try receiving a call.

If you are facing the same issues, Hit the Lock button and the screen might light up during call and you can be able to receive it. Make sure you are not blocking the 'proximity sensor' so the screen might not be displaying.

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