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Google pixel camera is not working on 7 plus after june security update

I have updated my Nokia 7 plus to june security patch and found that my google pixel camera stops working. Please help anybody

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Yes. I have exactly the same problem!

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Somebody find an appropriate app and post the link please

I am having the same issue. The Nokia camera app is very bad indoors and in low light. So I was mostly using the Google Camera. Now it is not working, feeling like I've half the camera left :(
Someone please post the solution or a .apk file that works.

Same issue is experienced. :(
Here you go. Found this on XDA and till now it's working good. Make sure you select pixel2 as your device.

1 person likes this lacking features are Pro-Mode, Slo-Mo, Time Lapse...everything else is working fine..

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U can use gcam mod5 via link However, Portrait mode from front camera crashes the app but other functionalities work.
Thanks Shashank
I tried several Pixel cam apps which started working fine in the beginning but quit working after a while. I am, as many of us, fed up with the Nokia camera app and want an app that is working flawlessly ALL the time. I downloaded Manual Camera Pro from Pixelatte developer from the Play store, finally I have a camera app that delivers what I expect!

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Nothing worked finally i have formatted my device by taking it to service station and after notification of june update i have not installed that and it worked.... Thank u all
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