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Applications closing on backround?!

I have a problem running Sports Tracker on my phone. After some time the phone decides to close the app always. I have allowed the app to work in backround and I also set the app to "not battery optimized" state. I found some similar issues on Nokia 5. It seems HMD cannot resolve issues. After few days I am so dissapointed...

 Same problem with instant messaging programs like Signal.

Messages are not delivered when app is in backround.

With april update it worked only in wifi not in mobile.

With may update it worked almost well.

With june update it didn't work at all.

Phone seem to close app in backround after a while.

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4 GB of RAM and apps are killed even if only a couple is in background. Not delivered messages (push notifications) are a nightmare. Gmail syncing every 30 minutes. Instant messaging like WhatsApp are not showing messages when phone goes to sleep. How complicated can it be to fix? I've been writing to them and nobody answered me. Tragic customer support. I'm thinking about selling this phone. It's not what I expected from Android One.

 I put the application in the blacklist backround to see if it change something.

Maybe I'm silly but think it's better when blacklist...but it's non sense...

I'll test it more during the day.

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