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The stupid combination of performance and storage's management

 I don't know Nokia 8 can pick 4K video, and it can store in SD card. But have a VERY BIG PROBLEM is big size (larger than 4GB) DOESN'T SUPPORTED on it. And the "Format as internal" option is disappear after upgraded (Android 8.1)
I need a solution to solve that. I can't standing anymore!!!

Format as internal storage has never been an option and unfortunately the Nokia 8 only supports FAT32 so we're stuck with a 4GB limit. Microsoft own exFAT and it requires a licence fee to use it.
So why Nokia don't do that?

Obviously i cannot speak for Nokia but my own opinion is that it isn't just a matter of cost but rather a matter of keeping the phone as stock as possible and stock Android uses FAT32.

As for formatting an SD card as internal storage it was only ever intended for low cost phones with only a small amount internal space. It isn't anywhere near as fast or as reliable as a phones internal storage.

So why don't solve that problem before made a phone (need a big capacity storage)? And now user must stand that problem and can't use their devices in the best way? I feel I just watse my money for that!

If you feel that passionately about using an SD card as internal storage you could always sell your Nokia 8 and buy something like a Moto G which will allow you to do it.

I just cannot see Nokia enabling it given their commitment to a pure Android experience and knowing how problematic formatting an SD card to use as internal storage is. It is well known for killing SD cards and therefore results in the loss of media, content and data and people would blame Nokia for that and i guess it is a complication Nokia can do without.

What is your usage scenario for which you need such long and multiple 4K videos for? Just calculated that one needs to stop and restart 4K video every 12 minutes to avoid getting bigger files than 4 GB on a SD card. Assuming that it should be easy to leave 28 GB of internal memory free, it enables one to record a 1 hour 30 minute video file to internal memory...

I think it's a trouble for using! I don't know how about you? But my using bring to me the bad enjoy. And when I contact to Nokia via email I receive some bad answer. I think they don't know some information technology knowledge, they don't know user's feeling.

I need the way which can solve that problem, And I need you know that my income is not good. So I don't want to buy another mobile. Because I think the product value is include Nokia's responsibility.

Your income cannot be that bad if you managed to buy a 2017 flagship phone.

The sale of your Nokia 8 would more than cover the price of a midrange phone such as the Moto G, however be aware that such a phone would probably still use FAT32 and therefore the 4GB limit remains.

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