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Full screen mode

Nokia should add full screen/gesture mode in all models (im using TA-1043) instead for the navigation bar. Navigation bar uses too much space

Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1529085958265 as Nokia has already vowed to run pure and secure Android on its devices, I don't think Nokia will tweak anything on the system and use something like Gesture Navigation. However, our best hope is to wait for the Android P update and use it's gesture based navigation. Thank you.
I don't even know why we have on screen nav bars when there's enough space below for physical nav buttons. They could've atleast given as an edge to edge phone or just put the fingerprint sensor in the front over there.

What do you mean with navigation bar?

Y'know, the home, back and recent bar below, that's the Nav bar.

How can it use to much space? It's not even 1 cm.

Many don't like it, including me. Its also very annoying when the phone goes full screen in apps which have the swipe gesture like Snapchat and Instagram because when you're actually swiping up to get the Nav bars the app's reads it as gesture for its on function and acts on it. All we're asking is an optional gesture control which was actually originally there for a few models. You basically handle your navigation using Fingerprint gestures, it's not much to ask to be honest.

Understood. Personally I don't use many different apps. Mainly phone, mail and a few others. That's is why I didn't find it disturbing. 

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