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Display crack

I bought Nokia 8 .my display was cracked within a weak as I dropped my phone while sitting. Now what should I do to change the display. Is it possible to get a new product as the phone is just one weak old.

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You could try, Nokia may replace it as a good will gesture but as you caused the damage they are under no obligation to do so.

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Not even withstanding a single drop means how could a customer rely on Nokia phones

I bought my wife a phone a few years ago, it fell off the chair arm 2 foot to the floor and the screen shattered and it was less than a week old and the manufacturer was not interested at all.

Like i said you could try but Nokia don't have to do anything as it isn't a manufacturing defect.

No harm in trying though, you don't have anything to lose at the minute.

"Not even withstanding a single drop means how could a customer rely on Nokia phones"

Some of the comments on here are just ridiculous, seriously.

Smartphone displays aren't rated by how many drops they will survive. The screen is by far the weakest component of any full-face smartphone, and is exceptionally prone to breaking. One drop or a thousand drops, it makes no difference.

The Nokia 8 has Corning Gorilla Glass, just like almost every other smartphone. This means the display is no stronger or weaker than any other. If you want a phone which has a better chance of surviving a drop, buy a Cat S60 or something. Or get an impact reducing case.

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This is not my first smartphone. I already used Corning Gorilla glass 3 which i dropped a million times and never caused an issue. Nokia 8 comes with Corning Gorilla 5 .

If you watch JerryRigEverything on YouTube he is convinced 3 is harder than 5.

Glass breaking is the luck of the draw sadly, i somehow managed to drop a Sony Xperia S which doesn't even use Gorilla glass out of a van window and it landed on concrete 5 feet below and it didn't even mark the screen. I dropped my Nexus 5 2 feet on to stone paving and the glass shattered in to a million bits. I have a faulty Moto G 3rd gen and i videoed me jamming a Philips screwdriver in to the screen about 10 times and it didn't even put a mark on it, i was gobsmacked.

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 Exactly my point.

Whether the glass breaks is down to pure luck, not that it's a Nokia 8 or any other model.

I do wonder if these forums aren;t just full of trolls. All the complaints seem to come from the User35465216854 type poster

Yup lots of people seems to comment on things that are way out of Nokias control while holding Nokia responsible for it.

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You can get it for as low as 5$ and get it replaced from your local repair shop. This may help you

userxxxxxxxxxxxxx accounts get created when making account by logging in with Facebook on here. It should take over your Facebook name IMO as it's very confusing and hard te differentiate between different people in a thread. To the OP : you should have used a case, sorry but Nokia is not obligated to replace the screen. I have a Tudia case and dropped it a few times and my phone is just fine.

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